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Ansvar väger tyngre än frihet - Responsibility trumps liberty

22 jan. 2017

What is true?

It is painfully ironic that a deeply conservative person can accuse the left of having abandoned rational discussion and the pursuit of solutions to political problems - and rightly so. As if the right has ever been interested in participating!

But this is what postmodernism has accomplished. The left has truly f**ked itself. In the post-truth society, cynical right-wingers can plausibly claim the rational, if not the moral, high-ground.

The irony deepens when said conservative then goes on to present his own brand of relativism, calling it "pragmatism" but essentially advocating a medieval world-view.

I was prepared to believe Peterson's initial description of the current goings-on in Canada and at his university. So initially he came across as a defender of reason. But then it became clear that he's not interested in reason as such but rather in cementing traditional gender roles as part of his religious conservative agenda.

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