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29 dec. 2015

T-types and Q-types

Radnitzky made a distinction between two types of philosophers, which he called T-types (technical and tool-making) and Q-types (question-raising), respectively. They constitute opposite ideals to which actual philosophers or schools may be compared. The T-type philosopher is a neutral (objective) observer who sharpens his tools and strives to be scientific, while the Q-type philosopher is deeply involved in current issues and strives to shape opinions. "T problematizes that which appears unclear, particularly within science and philosophy. Q wishes to problematize and criticize that which others take for granted, see as natural, obvious in social life, in science etc." Schools within the analytical tradition tend towards the T-type. Radnitzky suggested that "if all philosophical styles dominating a certain environment fall close to type T, then the humanities will be unavoidably paralyzed and incapable of critically examining their own ideological strains". As a consequence, "moral philosophers will be transformed into deontic logicians".

From: C-G Heidegren, De två filosofierna [The two philosophies], Filosofisk tidskrift vol. 36 (4), p. 13. My translation.

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