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12 sep. 2015

Ten (More) Commandments of Logic


Källa: Internet

1'. He who recycles an argument that has been refuted, is a goofball.

2'. If your opinion sounds awkward with a different wording, it is.

3’. Just because your argument fails utterly in one case doesn’t make it right.

4’. If we know it, it’s not an assumption.

5’. Thou shalt not claim that because A doesn’t cause B, A cannot imply B.

6’. Thou shalt reduce the argument down to two possibilities. Or better, one.

7’. Thou shalt not argue that because of our ignorance, a statement might be neither true nor false.

8’. Thou shalt not lay the burden of proof onto him who just proved his claim.

9’. Thou shalt not assume “this” cannot follow from “that” just because you don’t see a connection.

10’. Thou shalt not argue that because an idea is popular, it must be a conspiracy.

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