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Ansvar väger tyngre än frihet - Responsibility trumps liberty

29 nov. 2014


And so, Theaetetus, if ever in the future you should attempt to conceive or should succeed in conceiving other theories, they will be better ones as the result of this inquiry. And if you remain barren, your companions will find you gentler and less tiresome; you will be modest and not think you know what you don't know. This is all my art can achieve—nothing more. I do not know any of the things that other men know—the great and inspired men of today and yesterday. But this art of midwifery my mother and I had allotted to us by God; she to deliver women, I to deliver men that are young and generous of spirit; all that have any beauty. And now I must go to the King's Porch to meet the indictment that Meletus has brought against me; but let us meet here again in the morning.

Ur Platons dialog Theaetetus (209b-210d), såsom den återges i Rebecca Goldsteins bok Plato at the Googleplex, sid. 304-305.

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