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Ansvar väger tyngre än frihet - Responsibility trumps liberty

7 dec. 2010

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How, then, are we to interpret the current mess? Does this crisis signal, for example, the end of free market neoliberalism as a dominant economic model of capitalist development? The answer depends on what is meant by that word neoliberalism. My view is that it refers to a class project that coalesced in the crisis of the 1970s. Masked by a lot of rhetoric about individual freedom, liberty, personal responsibility and the virtues of privatisation, the free market and free trade, it legitimised draconian policies designed to restore and consolidate capitalist class power. This project has been successful, judging by the incredible centralisation of wealth and power observable in all those countries that took the neoliberal road. And there is no evidence that it is dead.

David Harvey, The Enigma of Capital, London: Profile Books, s. 10.

Texten upplagd med författarens och förlagets tillåtelse.

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